A Harrowed Dawn

Image of A Harrowed Dawn


Debut album 'A Harrowed Dawn'

CD and 140g bronze/black vinyl.
Vinyl limited to 300 copies.

Recorded/mixed by Chris Fielding @ Skyhammer Studio
Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege

Press bits -

Kerrang, 4Ks - "A Harrowed Dawn is a masterclass in filthy heaviness, but what do you expect from one of the weightiest bands in the Brit-metal underground?"

Terrorizer, 8.5/10 - "If last year's 'The First Four Beers' was a party, then 'A Harrowed Dawn' is the painful hangover"

Outlaws Of The Sun - "This ranks as one of the best and heaviest Doom/Sludge Metal albums of 2016. Seriously it's that FUCKING GOOD..."

Sludge Lord - "(A Harrowed Dawn) captures the essence of a band at their crushing best. Iron Witch are carrying the torch for British Sludge and are glowing in the light it provides."

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